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Managerial Values and ethos for MBA students

Managerial Values and ethos for MBA students?

Q 1. Explain Managerial Values and ethos?

Ans. Managerial Values affects the internal environment of an organization
and managerial. Ethos refers to character and value of the manager
working as a professional in all organization.

Q 2. Listing the managerial values and ethos?

Ans. (i) Autonomy

(ii) Security

(iii) Equity

(iv) Opportunity

Q 3. Explain equity?

Ans. It means fair treatment with all the employee and make justice with all of them in rewarding performance.

Q 4. Explain work value?

Ans. It refers to the worth of a person who accept challenges, serve others, earn money etc.

Q 5. Explain characteristics of managerial ethos?

Ans. (i) Action goal orientation

(ii) Pro – action

(iii) Problem Solving attitude

(iv) Internal resource

Q 6. Explain Socialization Process?

Ans. Socialization Process includes:-

(i) Pre-arrival

(ii) Encounter

(iii) Meta morphosis

Pre-arrival:- It means Selector select the right type of person for the
right job.

Encounter:- It denotes the difference between expectations and

Meta Morphosis:- It refers to the adaptation and changes which may
take place in the Process of socialization.

Q 7. Explain Normative Behaviour?

Ans. When the action is taken in the majority manner is called normative

Q 8. Explain Social Force?

Ans. It refer to the forces take place outside the organization.

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